Please Understand

Hello everyone,

No, this isn’t an update and I’m truly sorry for it. I know that you guys have been waiting patiently (mostly) for one.

I am going on a hiatus until all of the issues in my life have either been resolved or have been at least somewhat lessened. I was a hit and run victim last year while I was walking on campus a few weeks before finals week. I am alive (obviously) and escaped without permanent injuries (I am FINALLY able to walk without the brace), but I was left with 50K in medical bills, that is not even counting the phys. rehab and any additional medical care I received post emergency room.

The police still haven’t even charged the guy who hit me and he doesn’t have car insurance so all of the bills have been paid by my insurance which only pays a portion. The police told me that if me and the other victims can’t ID him then he goes free without any charges. He could get away with almost killing me and taking months of my life.

Now that the physical pain is healed – not the emotional or psychological pain at being left for dead in the middle of the road and the horror I experienced at not being able to feel my legs after impact; I still have nightmares about being paralyzed – I thought that maybe I could return to writing fanfiction to get some happiness, but I can’t.

A person who I’m very close to is extremely dependent on alcohol to the point that if she quits, the detox process will likely kill her. Her liver has started shutting down and she isn’t even thirty yet. Her deadbeat asshole husband who encouraged her to drink and was physically and emotionally abusive has decided to divorce her, which would be great except for the fact that he wants to ruin her life. He calls her and leaves her messages about how she is worthless and how no one will want her. He WAITED and filed for divorce on a day that was very special to her just to ruin it. That asshole made her emotionally dependent on him and she feels like she can’t live without him.

I’ve tried to remind her that we love her and no one cares what he thinks, but it isn’t working. After a message that sounded like a goodbye, I rushed to see her and I spent hours trying to talk her down from committing suicide and trying to convince her to see some professional help. I know alcohol increases suicidal and depressive thoughts, but she is so dependent on it that she can’t even function without it. I have been trying to find some clinics or something, but she feels like she has nothing to live for even though she is a beautiful and extremely successful woman (she is one of the best in her field). None of us know what to do because we haven’t experienced this personally and are afraid to make it worse.

If anyone here has some advice or has dealt with something similar please help.


An update is Destined to come soon! Pinky Promise.

Hello my amazing and extremely understanding lovlies!

I’m not dead! Very much alive and slowly de-stressing after midterms week (I have 19 credit hours and I work 35 hours a week at my internship – so that sucks).  I had 5 exams last week in two days and 3 assignments due (that really sucked), luckily my Session A classes are pretty much over after this week so I will go from having 19 to having 15 credit hours a week (Yay!).

I’m currently editing and re-writing the 14th chapter of Destined and honestly I can’t stop laughing. Some of the stuff I’m adding is great. Anyone who hates Nan is going to love this, you will get to see a backstory on why Nan and Nora hate each other so much (I know you guys LOVE backstories!).

More Torture party stuff! Bill and Nan suck at getting tortured btw. Nan also can’t seduce anyone if her life depended on it (it was kinda gross to write).

We find out more about the smexy ‘dream’ Sookie has. Seeing her try and get out of explaining it is adorable, and basically a lot of Godric/Eric cuteness.

Oh and Nora verbally destroys the Newlin’s on live TV.

Want anything else?

I will try to update either tonight or in the next few days, since it is fall break from school, but I still have to work (BOO! being an adult kinda sucks).

See you then! (1)

Nominations for New Blood Awards 2015

Nominations for New Blood Awards 2015

…Sooo… you should go nominate… I’m going to point out that I do meet all of the requirements…just in case you were curious, no ulterior motive at all.
*nudge, nudge*
*wink, wink*

You Want Blood Awards


The group of stalkers lead the writers and readers of the SVM/TV fandom into the now familiar hallway where they are to wait to learn the nomination rules for the New Blood Awards.  As they near the closed doors, they hear arguing.

“But Robin, he didn’t mean to.” the male voice that everyone recongizes as coming from Godric says.  “You’ve had him locked up for 5 days.”  The doors opened and everyone saw Eric sitting in a small wire cage.


“Oh please, Godric, like he couldn’t shred that whole cage if he wanted.  He’s staying in there because he knows he messed up.”   The woman says as she glares at the grinning vampire.  “Now I have an announcement to make, please excuse me.  Girls are you ready?”

“Oh Robin yes, we’re ready and we’re so glad we get to help with these New Blood Awards.” The red head squeals excitedly. Everyone recognizes…

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Damn it Eric!!

Congrats to everyone who won! You all deserve it since you are amazing writers and amazing people! I’m impressed by how quickly 4padfoot got this out! She must be some sort of ninja or computer savant! Either way it is impressive.

I have to say I’m looking forward to reading and re-reading some of the nominees and winners and I’m super stoked about the New Blood Awards since someone you know meets the requirements! *cough cough* me *cough*

Once again congratulations to the winners and the nominees!

You Want Blood Awards


The two saxon vampire guards heard screeching and crashing from inside the room they were set to guard.  After turning to look at each other they hear a female yell.

“Damn it, Eric! They have already left.  They are not expecting to come back until the 29th.”  the voice is heard as the saxons wonder what is going on.  CRASH!   “You … you… you…you killed my laptop…my brand new laptop!!!”

The door is opened and the viking’s head peeks out the door.  “Get everyone back here now!” Then he promptly slams the door.

“How are we suppose to do that?” they stated together as they glance down the hallway where the ladies had left 5 hours ago.

“Well, hello again everyone seems Eric was impatient and decided to surprise everyone as soon as I finished the banners today.” the woman glared at him as he stood to the…

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Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!

Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!

Everyone should vote. Even if you are not a writer or a have a wordpress blog, this was made by fans for fans no one is excluded. EVERYONE is invited to vote for the stories that they love and want to see recognized.

I have 218 followers and every single one of you should vote no matter what. I have voted and so should you!

You Want Blood Awards



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait…

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So I finally have a name and a picture for that one story!


Sookie meets Eric just after the Great Revelation. After being invited she decides to go to Fangtasia, little did she know the results of her commenting on Eric’s throne would have. Now she is being invited almost every night to test her knowledge of mythology against the people that actually believed it. Sookie/Eric.

That picture is the extent of my photoshop-ing skills. I figured out how to erase Bill, but Sookie now only has one arm (and I erased half of her hair on accident – oops)! click on the picture to see the page that has a more in depth summary on it!

I probably won’t start it until I get closer to finishing Destined in Dallas, but I WILL start it eventually especially now that I spent all of this time making the picture and the page.

Love you! (1)

Here Are The Nominees for the 2015 You Want Blood Awards

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

Even though I didn’t make it to this round I am proud to even have had my name included with these lovely authors!

Remember there is only four more days until voting time!

You Want Blood Awards


Congratulations to all Nominees!!

Feel free to grab your banner and link it back to our voting page which will open on May 15th.

Click for banners.

Click for nominee links.

Best of Both Worlds Award: Best Combo of TB/SVM
Gyllene76 Lover’s Amnesia
Magsmacdonal Even the Dead Can Scar
Meridian The Revealing of Andre
MistressJessica A Different Life
Queen of Area Five Behind the Public Masks
Texan Lady/NYCSnowbird The Arrangement
Virala Finally
Gyllene76 Lover Always
Meridian Eric Northman: After the Show
Gyllene76 Black Friday
Best of the Best Award – All-Time Favorite Story
ficlit78 Pretty Kitty
Gyllene76 Lover’s Always
Kjwrit The Debt
Magpie Tales Crash and Burn
Magsmacdonald Make A Wish
Melusine10 Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made of
Virala Finally
Meridian Valentine’s Night
Meridian The Revealing of Andre

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